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Since 1872, Saint Maur International School has been able to offer students from the international community a quality education within a caring family environment thanks to individuals and companies who have supported the school. 

Your commitment to and support of international education and Saint Maur International School are much appreciated! 

Under Japanese law called “Tokuzo” (for Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin), Saint Maur International School is entitled to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals and companies. Both individuals and corporations can take advantage of charitable contribution deductions under the income tax and corporation tax law. Any amount contributed by an individual over the sum of 2,000 yen, and not exceeding 40% of the entire taxable income, may be deducted from taxable income in Japan. In addition, as of 2017, in the case of individual donors residing in Yokohama where our school is located, 10% of donations exceeding 2,000 yen can be processed as tax-deductible contribution and deducted from the donor's residence tax (2% prefectural and 8% city). Companies will be able to give twice the amount allowed for normal tax-deductible donations. For further information and to obtain your tax receipt, please write to